J. Phys. III France
Volume 7, Number 3, March 1997
Page(s) 483 - 490
DOI: 10.1051/jp3:1997136
J. Phys. III France 7 (1997) 483-490

Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline ZrO 2-Ga 2O 3 Solid Solutions

P. Barret and P. Berthet

Laboratoire de Chimie des Solides URA 446 CNRS, Bâtiment 414, Université Paris-Sud, 91405 Orsay Cedex, France

(Received 6 May 1996, revised 15 July 1996, accepted 22 October 1996)

Nanocrystalline solid solutions of gallium oxide in zirconia were prepared by the crystallization, between 500 and 800 °C, of amorphous coprecipitates containing up to 53 mol% gallium. The thermal evolution of the material from the amorphous state to its decomposition was followed by DTA and TGA correlated with XRD. The solid solutions are nanocrystalline (10-25 nm), their structure is tetragonal (Ga/Zr $ \leq 1/9$) or cubic. The cell parameter of the cubic materials decreases from 5.09 to 4.97 Åwith increasing gallium content. These solid solutions decompose near 925 °C by diffusion of the gallium ions towards the crystallite surface.

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