J. Phys. III France
Volume 2, Numéro 11, November 1992
Page(s) 1971 - 1977
DOI: 10.1051/jp3:1992111
J. Phys. III France 2 (1992) 1971-1977

Computation of 3D electromagnetic fields by finite elements

O. Biro, I. Bardi, K. Preis and K. R. Richter

Institute for Fundamentals and Theory in Electrical Engineering, Graz University of Technology, Kopernikusgasse 24, A-8010 Graz, Austria

(Received 17 March 1992, accepted 3 July 1992)

Three-dimensional computations of electromagnetic fields are presented with the aid of the method of finite elements. Magnetostatic, eddy current and microwave fields are treated. Both nodal and edge elements are employed. Various formulations are discussed with some advantages and disadvantages pointed out.

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