J. Phys. III France
Volume 5, Numéro 8, August 1995
Page(s) 1287 - 1295
DOI: 10.1051/jp3:1995104
J. Phys. III France 5 (1995) 1287-1295

3He Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Cesium Coated Cells at Room Temperature

B. Chéron1, 2, H. Gilles1, J. Hamel1, M. Leduc3, O. Moreau1 and E. Noël1

1  Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Atomique, I.S.M.R.A., Bd M$^{\rm al}$ Juin, 14050 Caen Cedex, France
2  Université de Caen, UFR de Sciences, Esplanade de la paix, 14032 Caen Cedex, France
3  Laboratoire Kastler Brossel de l'E.N.S., 24 rue Lhomond, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, France

(Received 19 January 1995, accepted 16 May 1995)

The relaxation time $T_{\rm l}$ of 3He gas, nuclearly polarized by optical pumping, has been significantly increased by internally coating the glass cells with cesium. Values of $T_{\rm l}$ of order 45 hours were recorded at room temperature, resulting from collisions of the atoms with the cell wall. The possibility of keeping nuclear polarization for several days opens up new possibilities in NMR 3He magnetometry. Empirical means for characterizing the cesium coatings are proposed.

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